Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Comic Gift

I had the biggest crush on my friend and neighbor, Jeffrey, when I was in second grade. Jeff and I also went to school together and played in the sandbox in my back yard or rode bikes together after school. I was invited to his birthday party and was so excited to get him the best gift ever!

My father took me to the toy store and I picked out a shiny truck for Jeff. I knew he would love it and we could play with it in my sandbox. Once I came home, I started to look for wrapping paper. I was determined to find the shiniest paper and wrap up Jeff's gifts with a big bow on top. My Mother told me that we did not have any wrapping paper. I was angry. So mad at my Mother, I started to stomp off. I was not going to Jeffery's birthday party if his gift wasn't wrapped.

Mom grabbed the old Sunday Paper and pulled out the comic section. She grabbed tape, scissors and red construction paper. I had no idea what she was doing. I was still mad at her.  She wrapped Jeff's gifts beautifully in the comic strip and cut out a bow from the construction paper.

That little gesture and thoughtfullnes turned my frown around. I was so happy and I had the coolest wrapped present at the birthday party. Thanks Mom for all the wonderful smart things you do.

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