Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chinchilla Squirts

  I have a chinchilla who is about 6 years old. I bought her for my daughter who begged me for one when she was 12. My daughter promised to take care of her. Now that my daughter is in college, I take care of the chinchilla aptly named April after the month she was born in.
  April sits in a large three level cage in my living room and is happy to get all the attention she can as we watch TV or participate in other activities. April is cute and fuzzy and curious like most rodents are. She loves to be scratched and fed raisins. I am the only one who can pick her up. April squawks at anyone else who comes too close to her unless it is my Mother.
  My Mother loves April and has nicknamed her "Chinderella". My Mom will feed her a raisin, scratch her chin and talk to Chinderella in sweet baby talk voices. Then, as if the chinchilla has had enough of my Mother (I know that feeling!), April will jump up in the air while exposing her underbelly and squirt all over my mother. Yep, my mother gets showered with chinchilla pee at least once a week! Inwardly, I laugh and my Mom gets so pissed off and literally, pissed on!
  You would think after getting peed on over a dozen times that one would learn her lesson. Not my Mom! Mom the die hard animal lover takes a cute furry pet to heart urine and all!

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