Friday, May 4, 2012

Watch What You Eat

I am the oldest of four. My Mom is obviously the mother of four. We grew up in a household that was often chaotic. Four kids, two dogs and two cats. My Mother is Mrs. Rush Rush. She definitely has a supreme sense of urgency and is a pro at multi-tasking or so she thinks. Whenever she tries to remind anyone at how fast and completely she can get a task done, I immediately think of this story.

My brother who was perhaps a year and a half old was settled in his wooden high chair being fed macaroni and ground beef while my mother chatted away on the telephone. You remember the rotary dial phones? Well my mothers phone was light blue and had a 25 foot stretch cord so she could move easily around the kitchen while talking. Apparently the conversation at hand was quite interesting and very involved. While chatting away my Mother was helping herself to a lunch of macaroni and ground beef from my brother's high chair tray top.

My brother, being a baby, was making a huge mess of his food and dropped quite a bit of in his lap and onto the seat of the high chair. My Mother, still on the phone, picked up a piece of hamburg from the seat of my brother's high chair and popped it in her mouth.

From my bedroom which was three doors down the hallway from the kitchen I heard the screams.



"Pitooey! Water, get me water" and with that my Mom ran down the hall and slammed the door to the bathroom and started to brush her teeth.

Later she told us that you better watch what you eat since she had picked up a piece of baby poo thinking it was hamburg and popped it her mouth, chomping away. It took her months to get the taste of baby crap out of her mouth!!!

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