Monday, November 21, 2011

The Little Boy in the Yellow Raincoat

When I was young, my mother was fond of taking us to the beach on weekends during the summer. It was her way to hang out with her friend Selma on weekends and be able to drink wine all day. Big jugs of Carlo Rossi were dragged onto the shore along with our sand pails and shovels. 
Selma and Mom drank and sunbathed while my two sisters, one brother and I played with Selma's two boys. We never seemed to mind when my Mom and Selma drank since it allowed them to be more generous with their wallet. They always shooed us off by handing us money for popsicles or the carousel or pinball machines and that was certainly fine by us. After a long day at the beach we would drive back to our campsites where Mom and Selma would prepare steamed lobsters or clams with corn on the cob for dinner. Summers at the beach were living the good life. 
One particular day at the beach ended in rain as early evening set in. We piled into the car with plans to stop at the grocery store for the evening's supper. After our purchases were made, it was dark and still raining. Both my Mother and Selma wore glasses. Their vision at night certainly was not envied by any of us kids who did not need glasses. Their vision was moderate to say the least. Driving back to the campsite was dreary. Suddenly my Mother shouted.
"Selma, watch out for the little boy in the yellow raincoat on the side of the road!"
Selma swerved a little to the left and slowed down the car. As we all looked to the right side of the road looking for a little boy in a raincoat thoughts ran through our heads: What kind of mommy would let a little boy be outside on a night like tonight?
It was the kind of mommy that a firefighter would be proud of. Our little boy in the yellow raincoat was nothing more than a fire hydrant!
Mom has not been able to live that one down to this day!

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