Friday, February 4, 2011

Doggie Do Do

I'm being asphyxiated by Chevy (mom's dog) farts. Yr brother fed him then I did. He's pooped 5 times. It smells like "louise" after eating the squirrel. Mom's text on 2/2/2011

LOL. who is Louise? me

I have been awake all night. he's having diarrhea everywhere. Kath's friend had a dog Louise, who ate squirrels and farted always.

Don't remember that

No? she ate squirrels she was a little dog that would cut terrible wind but the owners never removed her. They'd say "oh thats just Louise!" Haha

Thanks for the memories, Mother! In fact, I am repulsed. Ugh. Dog farts are one of the most vile smells on earth and I didn't need to read about any of this! LMAO

P.S. This is the text I woke up to find on my phone. Unpleasant enough but worse before my first cup of coffee!

Can't wait to see what she texts me tomorrow!

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