Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day

i hope we do thurs though i have cabin fever do u know what time your niece's recital sat since they never call me Mom's text 2/1/2011

didnt know she had one my reply

yeah i can get $5 rabies shot in keene so may come later when u work? Mom's reply to my reply

when? what? me again

on sat. mom

12-6 me

snow on roof of pantry mom (attachment of picture posted on left)

Yes, that is the text message conversation between my mother and I during the awful snow storm that hit New England. A recital, rabies shots, work schedule, a Saturday visit and the snow accumulation outside of my Mother's pantry were covered in 9 lines of text, albeit skewed!
Are you bewildered? I guess it takes growing up with my Mom in order to see this as normal.
I lied...still haven't gotten used to it!

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