Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is the message that started it all...

What's happening in Egypt? Mom's text on 1/30/2011

Really, Mom? She doesn't say "HI" or "How are you?" No, my mother wants me to fill her in on events happening half way around the world. As if I had personal experience! How do you respond to that in a text message?

Hi Mom, The people of Egypt have been inspired by protests that ousted the dictator of Tunisia, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. They are tired of poverty, corruption, and an autocratic gov't. They would like democracy. Obama will have a tough time supporting change since previous ties 2 Egypt included over a billion $ in military aid from the U.S. This means if the gov't shoot protesters, it will be with U.S. equip. Egyptians want 2 topple Mubarak and so far the protests have become violent with many deaths reported.
Don't 4get we meet for lunch next wed.

After I read my mother's text, I jokingly said to my daughter that I was going to start a blog based on the texts my mother sends to me. She thought it was a good idea.

By the way, I never responded to my mother's text. Usually, when I see texts like this from her I ignore them because I don't have the energy to respond. Responding means that she will reply back, it is a never ending cycle. I also resist in responding because I would text back the first thing that came to mind. That reply would be too rude to send to my Mom. Here's what I wanted to write:

Mom, by the time I reply 2 this u could have turned on the frigging tv and watched the Egyptian events unfold on CNN. Even better, use the internet and Google it! What the hell is wrong with u?

Tune in next time to see what awaits me from my mother in her next messages. I know I am anxiously awaiting!

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