Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Pill

My brother has been battling demons in the form of depression for years. The doctor finally found a medicine that works for him and he is doing very well. In some form all of my family suffers from depression or anxiety. Mom included. Here's what she texted me when I told her that I was happy for my brother.

"Back then who knew? I ate lunch in the girls' room all senior year. Hated the Happy Clickers. I clung to Dad: Two peas in a pod!"

"Maybe I need to ask the Doctor for the same medication?" I told her.

"Maybe the family riddle is solved!" she wrote back.

"We all suffer. Why is it that we are all so talented but can't seem to focus?"

"High IQ's. A lot of people who fight this are extremely intelligent."

So I blog about it instead of medicating myself with prescription drugs. Therapeutic writing! My choice is better than many of the options people choose to self medicate themselves with. Happy blogging!

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  1. I am delighted that I found your Mom_Daughter Txting Blog. It is somewhat emotional for me to read,no! definately emotional on different levels,but I can't keep away from it.Thank you