Friday, April 15, 2011

Internet Dating

"My friend met a guy online who she is interested in dating. His name is Ron. His ex, Sandy, works with you. You should hear the stuff he told her. He told her he is broken hearted because she left him after meeting a guy in a bar." Mom sent me this in the end of February. I work with this woman and it is her ex that is crazy not her. She left because he has cheated on her several times. So he reverses his drama to get attention.

"I told her. She said he was needy. She thought my comments were about Sandy. Then I told her what u knew so i guess she is backing off."  What I knew was that he has contacted over 100 women online, threatened to hurt Sandy, stolen her property, threw away her cell phone, broke into her email accounts and has tried to turn the children against her.

"She told him to leave her alone."

"Great...that would have been a dangerous road to travel!"

I have changed the names and scenario a bit to protect those involved. I often reflect on life and always feel a relief knowing that I am not the only one with skeletons in my closet. My friend is doing well. She has a new boyfriend who is sane and attentive. Her children are starting to see just how crazy their father has been to their mother. 
Normally, my posts are humorous. I posted this one because I was so amazed at how small our world really is. The chances of my mother's friend meeting this guy online and having him be someone we knew must have been remote. It scares me to think how many women and men are online looking for love and are so vulnerable. 
If you date online, be safe. Always let someone know the name and number of the person you met online before you go to meet them. Practice safe sex and don't take everything a new person in your life tells you for face value. 

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