Sunday, April 17, 2011

NOT a Dog Bracelet!

I Have been making jewelry. I made a lot of it while I was in college and I loved doing it. It has been years since I picked up the pliers and strung anything together. I decided to take part of my tax return and invest in the right tools and beads to create my jewelry. I chose Swarovski crystals and sterling silver to work with because I wanted jewelry that was not only valuable because of it being original but also of high quality. I sent this image to my mother because she was curious to see what I had been working on. Here's what she said:

"Bracelet for dog? Very pretty!" my mother is obsessed with her dogs. She makes them special meals, sings lullabies to them before they go to bed. All three dogs sleep with her. They have special collars and clothing for special events. Sometimes it is too much because she eats, sleeps and dreams her dogs!

"No, not for dog. It's got sterling silver and glass beads. It's for me!"

"Oh, ok. Still pretty!"

"Gee, thanks!"  

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